Local 17 scholarship application now available!

Local 17 is offering two $3000 scholarships this year to dependents of members who will be attending a college, university or technical institute in fall 2017. One scholarship is for a student who will be an incoming college freshmen in the fall, and one is for a student who is continuing their education beyond freshmen year.

The application is now available HERE. In it, applicants are asked to demonstrate their academic achievement, community service, extracurricular activities, and educational goals, as well as write a labor-related essay which is reviewed by outside labor educators.

The deadline to apply is July 31, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact Deidre Girard, Local 17 Communications Director.

Best wishes to Executive Director Joe McGee on his retirement!

After 23 years as Executive Director, 28 years with Local 17, and more than 36 years in the Labor Movement, Joe McGee is retired as of March 31, 2017.

At our spring Regional Executive Committee meeting, a proclamation from City of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was read declaring March 25, 2017 to be Joseph L. McGee Day in honor of his years of dedication and service to our membership, and in the fight for workers' rights. Joe was also honored by the Local 17 Executive Board with the title of Executive Director Emeritus.

All of us at Local 17 would like to thank Joe for his many years of service, and wish him all of the best on his next adventure!

TAKE ACTION! Tell the Senate Majority that the House budget is better!

The State House Democratic Caucus just released its budget for the next two years, which closes loopholes and wasteful tax breaks in order to fund education, the state employee contracts, Public Health, and more.

The budget that the Senate majority released last week does not fund state employee contracts or Public Health, and does not provide the necessary funds for public safety programs at the local level. Instead, it maintains the status quo, protecting powerful special interests at the expense of our schools and our communities.

TAKE ACTION! Send an email to the Senate Majority using our pre-formated action alert telling them that they can do better. The WA Senate Republicans should find sources of revenue -- like ending the tax break on capital gains and closing loopholes on other wasteful tax breaks -- that fund ALL of the essential services that our state needs to function, just like the House Democratic Caucus did!

What is the Value of a Union?

In this video, Local 17 members talk about the value of having a union.

Right-to-Work is just plain WRONG

Watch this video from Robert Reich, economist and former Secretary of Labor, to better understand how Right-to-Work laws threaten your contract, workplace, and community.


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