Mary Davis elected Trustee to Local 17 Executive Board

Ballots for the Local 17 Executive Board Trustee election were counted on Nov. 14. It was such a close race -- about 50 votes separated the candidates!

Congratulations to our newly elected Trustee Mary Davis from the City of Seattle, and thank you to Ray Ceaser for his many years of service on the Board.


VICTORY! Constitutional rights of WA public employees upheld

On Oct. 31, the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington rendered a decision to grant a permanent injunction against the anti-union, anti-public employee Freedom Foundation's attempt to obtain the records -- including birthdates and addresses -- of all state employees. This means that the birthdates and addresses of our Local 17 members who work for the state will not be disclosed.

Though some public employee information is subject to disclosure under the current WA Public Records Act, the Court's decision stated that under the State constitution, public “employees have a constitutionally protected expectation of privacy and the unions have satisfied the requirements for an order granting permanent PRA injunctions.”

Let's work together to protect our rights and values!

Watch Local 17 Executive Director Behnaz Nelson talk about the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case -- Janus v. AFSCME -- that could change how public sector unions operate.

What is the Value of a Union?

In this video, Local 17 members talk about the value of having a union.

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